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just popping by [10 Jan 2014|12:55am]
this mobile version of the site is awful though, it might well be another year before I login again

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lambrini [04 Feb 2013|12:10am]
not as bad a drink as you might expect

not that it's nice as such; just cheap, drinkable and contains alcohol, which is all you require at times
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Today was a good day [09 Oct 2012|10:36pm]
I didn't have to use my AK watch cbeebies
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Coffee and a Danish sort of a day [27 Sep 2012|09:22am]
Only holding the coffee, like in that ancient advert

And the Danish too for that matter; it's a terrible drink

On the plus side... pancake, black pudding and fried egg stack
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Rubbish Adverts: Fruitshoot [25 Sep 2012|04:37am]
Woman standing on a street corner has her handbag stolen by an opportunistic thief

A group of men give chase

Woman stands about looking all shocked and helpless

Men retrieve bag

Woman is all like "squee, thank you, you guys are the best"

Now set that at a skate park full of kids and replace the handbag with a bottle of Fruitshoot

Remember kids, women are weak and will always need a man to save them - Rubbish!
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You know you've been watching too much cbeebies when... [22 Sep 2012|06:54am]
You want to go on a gun rampage
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Grr! [11 Sep 2012|09:13am]
When someone takes two weeks to reply and then sends a whole mass of stuff to read (and as a result of their delay it needs to be done quickly) maybe they could offer to post a copy instead of just sending a bunch of PDFs and telling you to get on with it


No, I don't know why I'm hashtagging my posts either
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Hmm... [11 Sep 2012|09:08am]
A large rum and coke, to take the edge off, would be wrong wouldn't it?
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notifications [11 Sep 2012|01:52am]
There aren't any are there, or have I turned them off or something?
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I'm supposedly checking on strange noses from downstairs [11 Sep 2012|12:30am]
I'm actually drinking beer and watching the tennis... probably going to regret in the morning when the spawn is awake
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fuck me, it's ages since I last visited [07 May 2012|07:58pm]
...so who's still around I wonder?

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breakfast related story/excuse for a plug [10 Sep 2008|11:12am]
man cooked himself breakfast on a train and then got arrested

to be honest i'm quite impressed that ha managed to cook anything in a train buffet car (does microwaving count as cooking) but maybe he should have waited for a cafe to open, such as say the Cock Tavern in Smithfields market which does sizeable plates of mostly meat, though they do have veggie options too, which is understandable as they're based in a meat market (in a quite literal sense, rather than being a cheesy club of some sort)

anyway, that's where i went this morning to eat a last meal before either the world got swallowed up by a black hole thanks to those crazy physics dudes or having to go into work because that didn't happen

yeah, yeah, i know it's a non story that's been exagerated by the media (there is a slim chance it could happen, but it's in the same way there's a slim chance that it could also start emitting fire breathing dragons) but given how boring the coverage was this morning they needed some way to spice it up (it was on sky news in the pub, and the way they found to make it interesting was to show the new james bond trailer and link it in because of the quantum in the title)
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hmm... [07 Aug 2008|01:27pm]
looks like it's been a while since i posted anything here (and what with being lazy it'll probably be a while before i do again, though having said i might be wrong) and not a huge amount has changed really

well except that i've bought a house - very probably the worst sort of time to do so what with all this talk of recession etc but i say bobbins to that, am mortgaged up to they eyeballs (well not really) and have a very nice place - hurrah!

um that's it for the moment, back to the report that i've been putting off writing but can delay no longer
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honestly, has no-one seen the shawshank redemption? [18 Dec 2007|10:07am]
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stupid bastard commuters [05 Dec 2007|09:22am]

yes this pic was taken in both frustration and a hurry hence the poor quality, but you should be able to make out both the throng of people crowded by the train door and the huge amount of aisle space they refused to move into (their suggestion that everyone should get on a different carriage instead wasn't particularly helpful either)

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been shopping [24 Oct 2007|12:17pm]
and bought things like crockery, cutlery and more excitingly a new sofa; it will be arriving in a day or two, but in the mean time the old ones have been freecycled so the flat currently looks quite spacious, but has nowhere to sit o_O

in other news, to free up some space i'll be getting rid of all my old consoles (xbox + steel battalion, sega saturn + death tank and a dreamcast + loads of stuff) in the next couple of weeks, so if you're interested in any let me know and you can have pre-ebay dibs on them
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note to self... [07 Sep 2007|01:38pm]
download and try this game, as despite the rudimentary graphics and awkward looking control setup it sounds pretty cool

also, remember to get finally transfer the photos from morocco off your phone and onto the computer
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hello livejournal, i'm back [02 Sep 2007|10:18pm]
yes i've been neglecting you for wedding planning followed by the day itself (hope everyone who came had a good time) and then a nice relaxing honeymoon in sunny sunny marrakesh (photos soon), but now i'm back - hurrah!

having said that i fear work is going to be busy this week, so not much chance to skive off on here :(
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steel battalion [08 Aug 2007|12:56pm]
what is it you ask? well... it's that stupid mech game with the monster huge controller, and i have a copy along with an xbox to run it on - so far it seems quite complicated (so much so that i'll actually have to read the manual) but rather fun nonetheless - anyway here's a pic:

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finally... [11 Jul 2007|03:35pm]
got round to going to brick lane for a breakfast of bagels

wasn't exactly that breakfasty, but was tasty which is the important thing - behold the hot salt beef and mustard bagel:

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